Howdy! I was born in San Angelo, Texas, in 1940.  The town was hot, dry and dusty. Dust was our primary export, other than mohair; our town motto was Mohair Than People. We were a witty bunch of Texans.

When I was 11, my family moved to Austin, Texas, where Mom’s sisters, brother, and other family members lived. Dad moved to San Francisco; he had learned he was gay, and more of his compatriots lived in San Francisco than Texas.

My cousin Guy, his wife Barbara, their kids and grand-kids live in Central Texas, too… a great place to live.  Austin is a terrific music town — hello, Willie Nelson! — plus many artists and a raft of Sixties hippies who decided never to age. Austin also is home to the University of Texas and corporate headquarters for Whole Foods, whose restaurant’s menu is groovy — Sixties lingo, kids! — and delicious.

My first wife Pat and I brought forth a son, Randy (Pat did the heavy lifting). Randy is a really good rock guitarist, an excellent husband to his lovely wife Linda — and they are parenting three remarkable daughters, bright, sunny and hilarious. Here’s a picture, when they were younger, practicing their rowing skills in their Kansas backyard. 

I’m retired now from life as an all-night disc jockey: Ardis Against The Night on WHAM, in Rochester, New York, in the late Sixties, years ago. Post-deejaying, I veered off into work as a technical writer, grants writer (Stand Against Domestic Violence; hooray for #MeToo) and marketing writer. More recently — lucky me –I located the first love of my life from the early Seventies. One day we will move from The Land That Traffic Is Everywhere, down the road from Washington D.C., to a quieter place.

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