Marianne Williamson is a candidate for President.
This is real. This is not “Fake News”.

Here is all you need to know to understand why thoughtful Americans believe that Marianne Williamson should become our next President. It’s time we get verrrry serious about next steps.  Listen to her reflections. She was interviewed on the Larry King Show. At this writing, she’s still plugging away but behind the trio of Biden, Warren and Sanders. Bless her heart. She’s more soulful than ANY of these other folks. SOULful. Filled with soul.


Gene Clifford Writes Again

To celebrate my birthday — today, April 20th! — I’m taking the day off to rest my finger bones, and “old” friend Gene Clifford – much younger than I (wink, wink!) — offered to weigh in with a memorable suggestion he wrote about his Rochester, New York’s high school reunion’s basketball game with their traditional adversary.

Ballin’ With Rochester High Schools:  Aquinas vs. McQuaid
Writer: Gene Clifford

  1. Many of you will remember that, on the occasion of our 25th AQ reunion, we participated in a “replay” of the original 1959 Aquinas-McQuaid basketball game between our schools. Unfortunately, our 50th reunion passed without another replay of the game and, as our 60th reunion approaches, the idea has been suggested that we again schedule a replay of that game.  Of course, as 60 years have passed, the first issue that must be dealt with is: “Will walkers be allowed on the court?”  The answer is “Yes, as long as its wheels are rubber and provided that it will be illegal and be called a charging foul if two or more players try to combine their walkers in a “flying wedge” formation in a drive to the basket.”

  2. The offense of “traveling” will be re-defined to include any movement on the court involving a speed in excess of what we would all recognize as a “stroll”.

  3. The offense of “double dribbling” will likewise be re-defined to include a player drooling from both sides of his mouth.

  4. Each player on a team will be required to wear a jersey but instead of his jersey bearing an identifying number, it will bear his blood type.

  5. Each player planning on playing in the game will have to present a doctor’s certificate that his projected life expectancy is no less than two and a half hours, and shall provide his own sworn statement that he has executed a will, power of attorney, and health care proxy before he is allowed on the court. If his will includes a bequest in favor of Aquinas, that player is guaranteed a position on the starting team.

  6. Also, the referees must also be priests. In that way, if there’s a particularly flagrant foul, the referee will be able to not only call the foul but administer last rites to the fouled player, as well.

  7. Finally, since Aquinas is now a coed school, we should be able to have coed cheerleaders. That being the case, I have taken the liberty of sending an email to Betty White and Ruth Bader Ginsberg, requesting that they attend the game to provide cheerleading and any legal disputes that arise.


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