A Blunt Instrument

On Election Night, November 8, 2016, most Americans had an very anxious evening.  They tried to sleep, most of them arose later with a bad taste in their mouths — and readjusted their vision to examine this alien from planet TV-land’s The Apprentice. We later learned that Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin — clearly a chum of our profane, female-abusive  leader — attacked our voting apparatus cleverly, allowing the President’s fans to knock Hillary Clinton  into the political graveyard. It was a Stephen King story sprung into real life: the horror.

Now we’re living with the consequences. Our blunt President is a racist, a shrewd manipulator of his rabid, often racist base — white folks and wealthy  people who realized One Of Us Is Now In Control. Insult to injury — rather, nasty to catastrophe — President Blunt is a straightforward liar in a nation which celebrates honesty as virtue. He has failed the litmus test of leadership of a democratic republic by looking away when our innocent citizens are killed in foreign countries — such as Otto Warmbier and Jamal Khashoggi. In both cases, Blunt behaved as though nothing awful had occurred.

We are forced now to endure Blunt’s stunningly inhumane behavior until the next Presidential election, arriving November 3, 2020. Unless fates intervene. Hello, fates! Are you listening? We’re looking for assistance here!

To quote Tiny Tim, God bless us every one.

A Blunt Instrument Arises

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