I Ask God Every Day

I ask God every day
why we humans inflict pain, misery,
and horror on our fellow beings
everywhere all the time.

I got a REPLY!
“Dear Bill,” She wrote
cursively, of course,
being God and all,
“When I created humankind
I gave you carte blanche…”

“What’s carte blanche?” I inquired.

“You humans have the power to
create your own reality,
top to bottom, stem to stern,
life to death, from birth to your
notion of what follows
birth, and so forth.”

“Oh,” I said to God, “you  mean
this is all our own doing,
our own manifestation?”

“Exactly,” she replied. “Oh,
I’ve got to look in on
the Middle East.”

And just before She left,
she winked at me.



God/Pod No. 2

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