God/Pod No. 3

Whose God is the best God
Everyone wants to know
Is He the God of Catholicism
Jews Methodists Muslims
And others too numerous to
Mention. I could mention
More but you get the jist
of the situation don’t you.
I’m sorry, I have many
Friends who believe
And some who don’t
But He will not
Dig us out of this
Terrible situation
We have created.

We must grab the shovel
And Dig for our Lives.


God/Pod No. 2

A Poem For God’s Sake

we humans try so hard to understand
the complexities, the hard knowledge,
and we believe we’re making progress
then comes along another damaged person
who sees only hate, and fear, and guns,
and who then kills innocent people
ending precious lives, one by one

And we then, in grief and horror,
slide back to perch on Original Sin.

When will we learn?
Violence is embedded
in us, like salt in a wound,
like a machete buried in our chest
as we weep, yet again,
not knowing that the seeds of hate
lie buried in our blood and  bone.

We are a prisoner
of our evolution.
Our President is only
a robotic marker
on the road.


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God/Pod 2
In The Midst Of Evolution

If you look around carefully, you’ll note that we are in the midst of humanity’s evolution in a way that is uniquely faster than ever before. If “life appears to be speeding up” for you, in the culture we live in, it is not an illusion.

Evolution is a concept that by definition is very long-range process, relative to the length of a human ’s rather short lifespan. The human lifespan doesn’t last long enough for us to comprehend how very long is the evolutionary process. And yet we know by definition that it is measured in centuries – often many, many centuries. And so we must study our history, its length and in depth, to begin to grasp the length of our human, planetary-bound evolution. Yes, we’ve been to the moon. But our perspective on evolution didn’t yield anything more useful than, well, a kind of gee-whiz of the view of our planet from the face of the moon.

And yet, we would benefit by that sort of perspective, that deep focus on humanity’s life in our environment. Because the more carefully we think about and examine our evolution, the more we are likely to make more valuable decisions as humans on the planet.  E.g., climate change is a REAL THING, despite all notions to the contrary delivered from the conservative Right

Let us think more about our evolution. And as well, reflect and write more about it. We can benefit from those processes: conversation, analysis, thinking. We might even change culture and politics, for the benefit of humanity and our future.

Writer Elizabeth Kolbert, in her book The Sixth Extinction, addresses the possible end of our species. She, wrote: “Right now, in this amazing moment that — for us — is the present, we are deciding, without quite meaning to, which evolutionary pathways will remain open and which will be forever closed. No other creature has ever managed this, and it will, unfortunately, be our most enduring legacy.”