Their Time Has Come
(The Education of Practically Everybody On The Planet)
January 5, 2020

We Homo sapiens, from our earliest days, made an understandable but fatal error – for which we now are paying heavily.

Because males were larger, stronger physically and therefore, presumably, brighter-brained, the assumption has forever been that the male is generally a superior gender: better able to protect, decide and manage all factors relating to the safe livelihood of females and their offspring. Females would be given what are seen as fewer critical responsibilities: care of offspring, management of family needs – feeding, making decisions not directly related to the world outside of home and family matters.

Thus, to this day, that is how male/female ‘family’ matters are customarily handled. There are exceptions. An example is the choice of our friends Charles and Sharlene (not their actual names) who decided to assign to Sharlene as the family breadwinner – gifted and successful at providing all-important income – and Charles is manager of home and care of their children, which he prefers and is successful in that role. The outcome: a happy and satisfied family, and children raised to be bright and – as all of us hope – well-adjusted, unconstrained by the usual conventions of gender roles.

To Sharlene falls primary responsibility for the “exterior” world of business, politics and global matters – economics, the environment, matters impacting humanity which shift continually and are critical to our future. We are now in the process of damaging the world we live in, the world we require for our survival.

Female’ Ascension
Females need to assume greater management and control of all matters related to economics, legal aspects, and particularly politics. Women by their gender — and by nature – are optimally equipped for caring and nurturing of children, given that they create children in their bodies and nurture them to adulthood. Humanity needs that quality to reverse the momentum of climate change worldwide, currently most brutally in Australia.

Males need to assume greater responsibility for home and child care – as does our friend Charles – so that children have the benefit of close-hand love, care and management as they grow toward adulthood, witnessing their mothers being active in the world, a role model to all girls.

Human Evolution Spun Backward
We Homo sapiens must now act to find ways to spin the constructs of male and female qualities differently. Our ceaseless wars and gun violence commonplace everywhere, including the too-frequent brutality of one to another – these behaviors are so common that it is easy to move on to other matters. Given the nature of humans to follow their most familiar patterns of behavior, it is easy to dismiss these concerns. We are desensitized. We hardly recognize the tragedies around us. But we must.

A primary duty of males is the protection of women and children. Gentlemen! The female body is sacred. It creates life.

© Bill Ardis


Women: Their Time Has Come

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