The women of our House of Representatives

Save Mother Earth From Our Sorry Momentum
November 24, 2019

Men aren’t equipped to heal this suffering earth. Men have created it. The climate crisis is advancing steadily. Paradise, California, was 90% destroyed last year. Testosterone poisoning, some folks call it; a male tendency to manage everything in its power, regardless of the consequences. The history of humanity is a history of male supra-management: national wars, domestic violence, huge, wealthy and ponderous businesses and government-style corporations — boasting all manner of political behaviors (impeachment soon, perhaps; my mouth to God’s ear). Finally, low-level service workers make such meager wages that they hardly make enough to feed their kids and keep a car running.

This is the history of men’s — women’s? not so much — poorly conceived and ill-designed money-driven corporations, and smaller ones as well. Rampant racism and discrimination on all fronts. Horrific treatment of people fleeing from their country’s leaders because the citizens are the wrong race, religion, or have poor education or pitiful economic resources. Or — like the Hong Kong citizens — are hungry to retain their democracy, their freedom of choice, rather than falling under the heel of a government with a pretense of democracy.

Women — my friend Brynn reminds me — are the natural nurturers and protectors of children. YOUR time is now, ladies. The United States House of Representatives is about to settle the impeachment process in the United States, which will affect our immediate future. Can the USA remain a democracy? Or will we be managed by the fumbling of an ex-TV host lacking any interest in a true democracy and who has no compassionate bone in his body.

Mother Earth — an audio series I’ll record and air on Ardis Radio –will become a  music/talk program now in development.  Mother Earth will continue to address this topic. No subject is larger. We want our granddaughters — their picture is below — to live well and long to become wonderful elderly people, playful and happy to be a resident of this beautiful, spectacular planet.

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