Women’s Work…in  the House

The USA has fiddled around too long — without really  taking care of business. Americans were making some progress during the Obama years – except that some folks were still treating other people badly — y’know, racist behaviors — you’re the wrong damn color! — as though white and brown and black folks are different species. Domestic violence goes on and on — it’s terrible; and gay and transgender folks…well, lotsa people just can’t conceive (not a pun) the face that for some folks, their birth gender doesn’t match their older psychology: who am I really?? And about the climate, well, you saw pictures of the Bahamas utterly devastated by the storms.

It’s time to consider how to save ourselves … from ourselves. And to save the planet, while we’re at it.

That’s why I’m creating a “radio” program called Women’s Work to air on this website for starters. My friend Brynn – she and her husband have two children, a girl and a boy – anyhow, Brynn advised me awhile back that women are the primary protectors of children.  When she said that, a bell went off in my head. OF COURSE! Women give birth and raise those little suckers from zero to 9 months, and onward. Therefore, we need women to do the heavy lifting in world cultures, going forward.

This is urgent, folks. We men — testosterone-fueled, by gender — have made a mess most everywhere. We need women to take the wheel and begin to repair the damage we’ve done for, oh, the last several centuries. Only when Columbus sailed the ocean blue and our forefathers did the really heavy lifting and  CREATED THE UNITED STATES. Bless their hearts. And now the President is dead-set on tearing down what we’ve established for the past century. COME ON!!

Women’s Work will feature music created by women — jazz and otherwise — as well as by men.

I’m not asking for much. We’ve just got to manage the United States, with its soooo many different cultures — which is okay, as it should be! — including its economy, corporations large and small, by creating new quite extraordinary systems so that wealth is distributed, so that EVERYONE HAS ENOUGH. Food. A decent place to live. Fairness. Equality. Make sure OTHER people are as okay as we are. And access to education, and to every sort of useful knowledge.

Men? Time to stand down, give women the wheel.

The United States must lead the way.

I’m not running for office. I’m just a humble deejay. Please listen when the first program is ready (jeez, I just got the idea a week or so ago! Gimme a break!)  Send me an email if you want me to ping you when Women’s Work, Audio is ready — or just subscribe to this website, when something new is added, you’ll know.  Be a few days, maybe a couple of weeks. Email me at Bill@ArdisRadio.net, if you want to say hidy.

My granddaughters are pumped! We’ve gotta do serious work on Climate Change so these girls will have a good life!

We’re waaaay excited!!

Women’s Work

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